Uber Driver Offers Hysterical Ride Menu

If you can select what kind of ride is picking you up, why not also select your ride experience?

A 38-year-old Seattle Uber driver named George Ure is doing just that with a menu he created for riders to pick the experience of their choice.

The choices include:
- The Stand-up Ride
- The Silent Ride
- The Therapy Ride
- The Creepy Ride
- The Rude Ride

In case you are wondering, the Creepy Ride is explained as "I don't say anything. I just look at you from time to time in the rearview mirror all creepy like."

The most popular menu choices so far are "The Silent Ride" and "The Stand Up" which involves Ure telling "prison stories to other poor life choices I've made. Don't get a lovers name tattooed on you. Ever," Ure wrote under "The Stand Up."


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